Inspiring Messages uses internet banner advertising to put "inspiring" quotes and poems on mainstream websites.

Since the inception of this project in 2002, over 100 million views of these banners have been arranged. The advertising space is both donated in-kind and purchased by the monetary donations we receive. We have no operational overhead; this project is done for free, in the spirit of service.

Imagine surfing the Internet and running across a banner like this:

A Bit More About Us

Every moment presents an opportunity to seize life, to delve deeper into the constant mystery within and without, and to make a difference. We can let life slip by, or we can wake up and grasp its essence. Often, waking our true nature is a matter of cultivation - filling the mind with inspiration and filling the heart with service for others. We at CharityFocus have learned that its impossible to create a better world without inner change. Inspiring Messages help take us from the Internet to the Inner-net.

If the World Wide Web can be used to keep us connected in the business world and the social world, why not our vast inner worlds? Why not share the things that inspire us, the things that drive us to remain positive? With the internet, we can, and we did: Inspiring Messages started as the efforts of just one person, Scott Pelikan, who wanted to put his thoughts of love into cyberspace. When those efforts merged with CharityFocus, it had already totalled over 100 million impressions!

Scientists say that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can create a tornado in Texas a week later. Clearly, in today's deeply connected world, even a simple internet banner reminding us to remain present and peaceful can ripple through our own individual lives and the consequent lives we inevitably affect around us.

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